How Can We Help?

Our main goal is to offer support and answer your questions, enabling you to make
informed decisions.  We have a deep commitment to each individual and their specific
needs.  Our services are free in a safe and confidential environment.

  What Do We Do?

>  Provide FREE pregnancy tests...99% accurate
10 days after possible conception

>  Discuss what options you have available to you...
and YES you DO have options

>  Help you deal with your fears of telling your parents,
the father, and other important people in your life

>  Increase your knowledge of changes taking place
within your body

>  Explain the impact and importance of a healthy lifestyle for you and your baby

>  Direct you to other community services and resources that can help and          
support you in your decisions

What We Do NOT Do

   >  We do not judge you, your situation, or your decisions

   >  We do not pretend to be professional counsellors or a medical clinic,
   but we will refer you to them if we believe they can help

   >  We are not an adoption agency, but we will help you find an
   agency that will help, if that should be your decision

   >  We do not refer to abortion clinics, but we are here to listen before
   and after
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